Nature and authenticity of the past

  • Typical cured meats of Verona

    The expert butcher produces, in the small farm facility, first-rate sausages, strictly without any additives or preservatives. Our production uses only pork bred on the farm, with the simple addition of garlic, pepper, salt, and spices. In this way we get salami, soppressa (typical Venetian salami), rolled and flat bacon, coppa (cuts of meat from the pork neck), fiocco and culatello (cured deli meats from the rear pork legs), lard, cheek lard and cotechino (pork sausage). All stages of production are carried out manually: deboning, sorting, preparation of cuts, grinding, salting, mixing, casing and, finally, binding. After this last step the products are dried and aged in our cellars, returned to their former use. The salami is ready in 4-5 months, soppressa in no less than 6 months, pancetta needs at least 8 months to mature. Periodic checks and patience ensure the result is a unique product!

  • Other products of the company

    • Our extra-virgin olive oil tastes very intense, but equally sweet and fragrant with a hint of green apple
    • Our fresh pastamade with eggs from our chickens
    • Our ragù of wild boar pork mix
    • Our jam made from fresh fruit produced on site

  • Sales information

    Products from il Porcellino can be purchased from our shop next to the restaurant, but make an appointment first! Fresh meat, given the limited production, must be booked at the beginning of the week and picked up on Friday or Saturday.

    To book simply speak directly with
    Fulvio (0039) 349 4463505 daily from 9:00 to 21:00.

Our micro breeding in the wild is an almost unique reality in Italy.
In this way, the restaurant and the shop offer unique products with quality and authenticity, while maintaining a healthy and ethical system.


Cured Meats

Lard and cheek lard
€/Kg 14,00
Salami and Soppressa
€/Kg 18,00
Pancetta (bacon)
€/Kg 18,00
€/Kg 20,00
Pancetta steccata (flat bacon)
€/Kg 24,00
€/Kg 28,00
€/Kg 30,00


€/Kg 20,00
Boneless pork loin
€/Kg 16,00
C/o chops, Coppa, Nut Roast
€/Kg 14,00
€/Kg 9,00
€/Kg 10,00
Pancetta, Bacon
€/Kg 8,00
€/Kg 7,00
Cotechino (only in winter)
€/Kg 9,00
Tongue, Heart, Kidneys, Liver
€/Kg 7,00

Other products

Extra virgin olive oil 1 L
€/u 15,00
Extra virgin olive oil ½ L
€/u 8,00
Extra virgin olive oil ¼ L
€/u 4,50
Fresh pasta
€/Kg 7,00
Boar breed ragù 330g
€/u 6,00
Jar of jam 340g
€/u 5,00

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