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A company of people who believe in what they do

100% Nature

We are people who love nature: all our choices come from this unconditioned love

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Pigs in the wild

First of all we are farmers: we have half-breeds boars pigs, bred in the wild on a plot of 28,500 square meters.

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We are also farmers: we produce extra virgin olive oil from 500 olive trees over an area of 45,000 square meters and we grow vegetables for the restaurant.

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In the small laboratory we work directly our meat and produce absolutely special sausages.

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From the farm to the table, our restaurant offers only simple dishes in a cosy and atmospheric environment.

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The welcome is also extended to the stay with 6 bright and comfortable rooms, to feel like home.

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There were once five little pigs...

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Some datas in summary

Pig breeding 2,8 ha 50 pigs
Olive grove 4,5 ha 500 olives
Restaurant 320 mq (4 rooms and kitchen) 120 people
Rooms 230 mq (6 rooms) 23 beds


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