A walk in the neighborhood

Discover the peace and the serenity of nature.

Agriturismo “Il Porcellino” is the ideal destination for the person who wants to regenerate their mind, body, and spirit to become one with nature.
Located in the beautiful hills of Valpolicella, just a few kilometers by car from the historical center of Verona, giving you a fantastic view on the landscape of lessini mountains and the city.
From here you can easily appreciate the beautiful woods, tracks, and outstanding landscapes. There are a lot of walking tracks divided by different levels of difficulty, starting directly from the Agriturismo.
Experience nature 100%!

Seven walk tracks from beginners to expert levels

San Mattia – Avesa
1:30 h 3,1 Km 140 mt difficulty level: Beginner
A really easy trail (ideal for beginners) and panoramic scene, we suggest driving to the location ( approximately 4 km) to reach the beginning of the natural trail which is located right next to the church of San Mattia, which offers the possibility to park your own vehicle in its comfortable parking lot.
Somma valle - Forte S. Sofia
3:00 h 6,5 Km 220 mt difficulty level: Easy
Like we suggested in the first trail, to save some extra time, you can reach the beginning of the walking trail by car. You will drive putting in your navigation system “Via Sommavalle” (you just need to enter at the beginning of the street) and once there, finding parking won’t be a struggle. The first part of the path is fresh and shadowy even in the summer season; at the end of this relaxing walk you will enter into the classy Valdonega’s section that will lead you to Ponte Pietra, and from there proceed through the Forte of S. Sofia, ancient military construction of Austrian origins.
Case vecchie
3:30 h 6,7 Km 180 mt difficulty level: medium
This is an easy walk that can also involve younger persons, that starts directly from the Agriturismo. Only the first part is a paved trail. The area is rarely busy with vehicles and is more populated by bicycles. When you reach the small town named Gaspari ( alla madonnina) the trail is going to develop itself into a full- immersion of nature from the town to Valpantena and Val Galina. This trail is well-known and a must-see throughout the mountain bike’s community.
Vajo Borago
6:00 h 13 Km 400 mt difficulty level: hard
This challenging path is only for experts of trekking. It starts form Avesa, 4 km circa from the Agriturismo. The first part of the trail is gonna take you through the woods of Val Borago, along with the Europen’s E5 trail that will arrive closely to Montecchio’s locality; once you reach that point, you will know you will be on your way back all downhill on a paved street rarely trafficked.
Monte Croson
1:30 h 2,8 Km 120 mt difficulty level: beginner
This easy path starts directly from the Agriturismo, it starts on tranquil paved track and then goes back up the hill passing through grasslands, wine yards and olive groves dominating the Valpantena’s valley from above.
Monte Arzan – Rio Valscura
2:30 h 4,5 Km 170 mt difficulty level: easy
This trail starts from Villa Babesi, 600 miles from the Agriturismo, this trail leads you down to Avesa through an easy road that is exclusively open to traffic for residents. Once you reach the end of the valley, the path goes uphill passing from the woods and takes you back to the Villa.a.
Vajo Galina
5:00 h 11 Km 360 mt difficulty level: difficult
We suggest this trail dearly only to experts. It starts from the Agriturismo and proceeds by walk till vaio Gallina, along with track n. 6, for then going back up the valley on a tight track arriving at the streets that go to Montecchio. From there you going to proceed downhill and the trail is going to merge in trail number three leading back to the starting point.

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