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Unique Flowers on the world Baldo - Hortus Europae


A vast plateau of woods and pastures where nature and traditions of ancient peoples blend; land of exceptional geological features and picturesque typical stone roofs Prune. To safeguard and promote this paradise, in 1990 was established the Regional Natural Park of Lessinia, to 10,000 hectares. On these mountains, you can practice many sports, from paragliding to mountain biking, also consider the trek with simpler paths as the Horn of Aquila with Spluga of Petra or the most difficult climb of Cima Carega.

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Monte Baldo

Climb the Monte Baldo is like a journey ... from the Mediterranean to the Arctic lands, it offers itself as a paradise for nature lovers. The changing climatic events, which occurred over the millennia, have determined the settlement of this mountain of countless species of flora, which have found refuge, thus earning the name of the botanical garden of Europe - Hortus Europae. A Spiazzi Ferrara of Monte Baldo there is the Madonna della Corona Sanctuary, the name has under the 'crown' of rock walls that surrounds the terrace, accessible only on foot, located 775 m overlooking the Val d'Adige.

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Parco Cascate di Molina

The country, is a 40 minutes ride from the Agriturismo, is a small medieval village with many beautifully restored houses, where you can observe the typical Lessinian buildings along with its splendid views. Molina owes its name from the presence, in the past, of many mills operated by various sources of the valley, the same ones that give rise to the beautiful waterfalls of the Park. From the village, a short walk leads to the park, where the easy trails through the woods along the falls, offering a real fun for young and old.

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Ponte di Veja

The Veja Bridge is an extremely suggestive natural bridge with an arch of 40 meters fruit of natural evolution of a cave. Excavations began in 1932 and were subsequently carried out by the Civic Museum of Natural History of Verona. Some caves at the base of the bridge were inhabited by skilled craftsmen of the ancient period, which built with flint tips, needles and arrows, now visible in the near Paleontological and Prehistoric Museum of Sant'Anna d'Alfaedo. Easily accessible by car from the Agriturismo or with a beautiful promenade, about 1 hour, along with the European path that crosses a few kilometers after Grezzana.

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