The foundations of our Agriturismo

The farm is the beating heart of Agriturismo il Porcellino, born from a dream of Fulvio reviving the ancient traditions and works of this land, long abandoned by the families who lived there.
These places, well known and loved by all of Verona, are part of the ridge known as "Torricelle", the excellent green area of Verona. The name, meaning 'little towers', originated from the presence of numerous fortification towers built during the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Pigs reared in the wild

The main activity of our farm is breeding animals in the wild which are part-pig part-boar.
These peaceful animals live and grow in an area of 2.8 hectares around 500 meters from the farm in absolute freedom and autonomy. . Our pigs eat all that is found in nature, since that is not enough in terms of energy, they are also fed with a mixture of corn based cereals and also do not receive any drug treatment other than vaccinations.
This extensive rearing system guarantees the meat produced is healthy and genuine. The selected animals, resulting from many years of work, are rustic species crossed with wild boar and produce a lean meat, dry, firm, sweet and very flavourful!


The olive grove, small orchard and vegetable garden

Our olive grove covers an area of 2.5 hectares and currently has 250 olive trees, visible from the garden of the holiday farmhouse. The olive harvest is carried out manually with 'combs' and the harvest is then brought to the mill to be processed using cold pressing. The extra virgin olive oil produced is top quality, intensely flavoured, fruity and perfumed with a background hint of green apple. There are also fruit plants, all of ancient varieties that do not require processing, the harvest of apples, plums, cherries, persimmons and figs is of a very limited quantity, but tasty and genuine. In the garden various vegetables are planted which are used in our farmhouse kitchen: lettuce, tomatoes, radishes, peppers, courgettes, aubergines and various aromatic herbs, in order to always have fresh, seasonal vegetables available to serve.

Farm animals

In addition to pigs in the wild, visitors to the farm will also meet our horse Scheggia and the sheep that keep him company. These animals are kept mainly for clearing of the lawn among the olive trees and the undergrowth.
Breeding then extends to other animals, principally chickens, to provide daily fresh eggs.

The farm's production

The livestock and crops are dedicated to the needs of the farm and of our kitchen.
Pork in particular is processed by Fulvio in a small workshop for the production of sausages and cuts of meat served at our restaurant along with the oil and vegetables, to provide guests with simple dishes which are always healthy, tasty and genuine.
Farm products are sold by reservation at the small shop within the farm.


A few facts at a glance

Category Dimensions Quantity
Pig farm 2.8 hectares 50 pigs
Olive grove 2.5 hectares 250 olive trees
Restaurant 250sqm (2 rooms and kitchen) 120 seats
Rooms 175mq (5 rooms) 18 beds

Our micro breeding in the wild is an almost unique reality in Italy.
In this way, the restaurant and the shop offer unique products with quality and authenticity, while maintaining a healthy and ethical system.

Fulvio has adopted, since day one and with strong conviction, an approach to eco-sustainability and natural products, involving every activity of the farm, which has become a real lifestyle.
The result is not deliberately framed in pre-established schemes, so no labels...

We're farmers

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