100% NATURAL - a lifestyle

The right awareness

Our holiday farmhouse Agriturismo il Porcellino stems from a desire to live a pure and simple life, in contact with nature.

This deep relationship with nature led to the creation of a 100% Natural approach which underlines all that the company offers.

Fulvio has adopted, since day one and with strong conviction, an approach to eco-sustainability and natural products, involving every activity of the farm, which has become a real lifestyle.

The result is not deliberately framed in pre-established schemes, so no labels, but only a
strong inspiration from firm beliefs.

Our idea of nature

First of all, natural material was used for the construction of the farmhouse, wood in particular.

The farm was built on a vacant lot, abandoned since the post-war period, which was recovered and brought back to life.

Solar panels are used for hot water and electricity is supplied by a large 10 Kw photovoltaic system.

Rainwater from the roofs is collected in a large cistern and reused for watering the garden; drinking water is a precious commodity that will become less and less available, we should not waste it.

Furniture and parts of the building were built with wood and materials recycled from the construction of the farm itself, reducing waste as much as possible.

The olive trees do not receive any treatment against parasites, just a treatment of verdigris after pruning.

Even the vegetable garden, for the vegetables produced and used in the kitchen, does not receive any treatment.

The hogs and pigs live in the wild outdoors in a plot of 3 hectares which is dedicated to them.

All pigs are free to be born, grow and reproduce naturally, without coercion of any kind.

Pigs feed on what they get from the land, and their diet is supplemented with corn and cereals.

Every pig receives only vaccinations required by law and is never, in any way, treated with antibiotics or any other medicines.

In the kitchen there are no chemicals or artificial seasoning, only the original flavour and natural ingredients.

All meats are produced exclusively with the meat of our own pigs, strictly without any preservative or additive of any kind, just salt and pepper, fresh garlic and spices.

Anyone who comes to visit Agriturismo il Porcellino will find hospitality, serenity and love and appreciating these values will help to spread awareness.
This location, along with the lifestyle adopted, allows not only healthy nourishment and healing of the body, but also the finding of beauty, peace and serenity in every sense.
All of you, with your presence and support, help this dream continue to live and become bigger and bigger.
Agriturismo il Porcellino is you.

Thank you very much



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