Many are curious to find out more about our pigs
here are responses to your requests

Our micro breeding in the wild is an almost unique reality in Italy.

Our pigs, selected over many years of work, are rustic species crossed in particular with the boar to get mixed breeds which are suitable for this breeding method.

Agriturismo il Porcellino cares about the well-being of all the animals, which live in harmony and respect for nature.

In this way, the restaurant and the shop offer unique products with quality and authenticity, while maintaining a healthy and ethical system.

Many of you ask questions about our breeding, here are the answers to the most frequent requests.

  • Why keep pigs in the wild?

    I am convinced that it is important to get closer to nature, to respect and follow it as a teacher of life. When I first heard of this type of farming, I was immediately convinced. The aim is to improve the welfare of the animals rather than the quality of the meat.

  • Can we see them?

    Yes, they are a 5-minute walk from the holiday farmhouse, many children enjoy watching them and with some luck you can also see them from the car, given that the land they occupy runs alongside the asphalt road for about 400 meters.

  • It this a return to tradition?

    No, the pig was a valuable asset for any family, but was raised indoors in a small, dark place for fattening. On my farm pigs live freely, within plot of 2.8 hectares dedicated to them.

  • Is this organic farming?

    No, it involves too much red tape, especially for a small company like this. The farm and the farmhouse Il Porcellino offer guests more direct guarantees, since they can observe the pigs in person and see how they live, from birth until they reach the table.

  • Does someone check the breeding?

    Yes, this small herd is subject to all the rules and inspections of large intensive livestock farmings that produce thousands of heads of cattle per year. Animals in factory farms have huge health problems due to the high concentration and forced further growth. The farm Il Porcellino is another thing entirely!

  • What breed are they?

    They are a mixed breed which is not on the market, the result of a personal selection based on characteristics of rusticity, robust skeletal structure and attitude to pasture. These pigs were then crossed with wild boars, who arrived in the area in 2007.
    Such a crossing gives an even more rustic origin.

  • Do they live only on what they find in nature?

    No, what they find in nature is not enough in terms of energy, but it is very important for the welfare of these animals, which remain healthy by eating those herbs and roots they need each year. Extra nourishment is given by a mixture of polenta, barley, soya and bran. This poor nutrition, along with movement, leads to a slow growth.
    Such a crossing gives an even more rustic origin.

  • How much they eat per day?

    Up to 5 kg of mixture, which is much more than the amount required on conventional farms. In practice, in order to produce 1 Kg of meat, my pigs need 5 Kg of mixture, while those of a conventional breeding require only 3 Kg.
    This costs are almost double, but the quality of meat justifies the time and cost.

  • How can this meat be sold at the same price as in butchers?

    Thanks to direct sales, the product does not undergo costs related to reselling. Also the shop makes sales on resevation and this reduces waste to zero and keeps costs down for consumers.

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