Theme Parks

Pure adrenaline, green gardens or animals in the world? You pick!


The amusement park Verona for excellence, with its 445,000 square meters, is the largest in Italy. Here you will find Gardaland Park, born more than 25 years, always updated with new games and attractions for children and adults, ranging from the adrenaline rush, the fantasy adventure. For your entertainment, you will find numerous entertainment and catering services at any time. It is also the latest Gardaland Sea Life Aquarium with fascinating marine species from around the world.


Caneva World

Two fantastic parks, different restaurants, everything you are looking for a memorable vacation. Aquapark, a water park with numerous slides, relaxation and adventure areas attraction for the whole family and friends. Movieland, the park on cinema with actors, stuntmen, riders and all the Hollywood magic. Finally, after your visit you can enjoy dinner at the restaurant shows Medieval or snack at the cafe rock star. One ticket gives access to both parks for a day of real fun!.


Parco Sigurtà

A large garden of the fifteenth century, perfectly landscaped with plants, flowers, an interactive and many points of interest for a day in full contact with nature. The park can be visited on foot, by bicycle and even on golf carts and the train can be booked directly on the site. Within this beautiful garden, known throughout the world, you will find the Avenue of Roses, the labyrinth, the sundial, the water gardens, the old oak tree, the castle and the small hermitage. To complete this beautiful day will also suggest a visit to Borghetto, which as the name is a little treasure on the banks of the Mincio.


Natura Viva

After making friends with the animals of the Agriturismo Il Porcellino, you can go to the discovery of animals from around the world. The Parco Natura Viva Pastrengo, halfway between Lake Garda and the city, is perfect for an exit out the door. Here you will find animals from Africa, Asia, America, Europe, and Oceania, and you can live a real adventure through Safari Park, where comfortably seated in your car, you can see giraffes, antelopes, zebras, lions, cheetahs, and hyenas. For children and lovers of the prehistoric era, it is also the Extinction Park, a reproduction of the great life-size dinosaurs.

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